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Garden Landscaping In Belfast

Planning your garden’s structure, layout and overall aesthetic are some of the main elements that landscape gardeners in Belfast undertake and excel in. This can be measured via our own plans of what your garden will look best as, and also a faithful execution of your vision for your space. Landscaping in Belfast can dramatically change terrains, surfaces, and the overall appearance of your garden while installing new structures.

Need that extra beautiful, layered and well-proportioned garden where you can enjoy a day off with the family amongst your favourite trees and shrubs? Garden makeovers in Belfast allow for that to happen with the help of a team of trained professionals who carry out your requirements diligently. While you can undertake the pruning, shearing and gardening yourself, this job is best entrusted to the professionals – which we are! Complementing your lifestyle, we bring our insight and professionalism to create the exquisite, pleasing and practical outdoor space for you to enjoy.

How We Do the Green Magic

What is the first step to turning your garden into a sublime, comfortable place? Contact and have a team of dedicated, expert designers lend a hand, whilst treating each job with care. Our trusted and registered contractors and gardeners help you to transform your garden. We train them in-house, they apply their insight and knowledge as plantsmen, and then we observe a quality

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The very first step before all the magic happens is our communication with you as our valued client. We carry out an initial consultation, whereby we discuss your vision, budget and any questions that you may have. We then make sure to visit your premises and fully analyse the structure, construction and layout of your garden – called a necessary site survey – and determine how your vision can be executed best for your dream space. Next, we make a detailed plan which we mutually decide with you. After observing your particular space, we form a solid plan with materials and cost details, which you may approve. We make highly-detailed plans and sketches of the design you require and meticulously follow it. If you want such a plan, call now for a free consultation and quote, right from our expert team. The meticulous plan we make aids us in executing the final results you receive. 

Our landscapers work their hardest to redesign and formulate your space to the best it can look. We also carry out quality checks along the process and have trusted partners from whom we buy our materials to maintain this quality

Once your part in telling us your vision is done, the task will be undertaken with little or no stress upon you. We also don’t waste precious time and don’t make your garden into a construction site for ages; instead, we try and wind up the work as soon as possible. Finally, a last step we always make sure to follow is an assurance check, after which we leave you with a completed, aesthetically-pleasing and fully-functional garden space! 

Should your garden need further maintenance and aftercare, we will be more than happy to check up on it routinely to spruce up some things that wear out over time. You know who to call when you need a garden makeover in Belfast!