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Roll Down in Style

Garden makeovers in Belfast will be left incomplete if you don’t have a decent looking driveway to bring your car in. Imagine this: a pristine sitting area, aesthetic decking, the scent of honeysuckle, and yet your driveway looks tired and attractive? To that, we say a big no!

Whatever the size and nature of your driveway, if you are looking for a garden makeover in Belfast, getting your driveway to look shipshape and renewing your old shabby one is the way to go. From complete designing, modernizing to doing new installations, you can find none better than our expert team providing quality services from start to finish.

Not only does our work focus on giving you that ultimate garden space makeover, but we also apply our strategy and planning to commercial gardens and driveways as well. A good driveway is usually the very first indication of a well-built and well-maintained home or office, and as
landscape gardeners in Belfast, we tie in the new driveways in Belfast with all the overall themes and colours of your house or office space.

We are well known as industry professionals – our time-efficient, scheduled and thoroughly-planned services are further improved by the fact that we have insurance. Once you consult us for driveways in Belfast, you can believe that from the first to the last step, we are 100% insured
and committed.

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Contemporary property with two garage doors and asphalt driveway in Belfast Ireland
Driveways, Your Way

Choosing the proper driveway material and surface might not be something individual clients are able to do on their own, and that’s where we come in with our expertise. The first element that we undertake and relay to our clients is choosing precisely what material they will need.

You as a client have decided that the drab and worn driveway won’t do anymore; also, it doesn’t match your newly-installed decking. Your driveway, quite simply, needs to bring that new look
to your property and garden area alike. Will it be the correct material and colour? What if it clashes with your garden? What if it’s too expensive and you’re paying hundreds of pounds for cheap quality material? What surface to choose, is therefore, a huge dilemma that we aid our clients with when considering driveways in Belfast, while keeping in mind their budgetary constraints and specifications.

Bring in the Wheels!

To add value to your driveway is something that will pay off when you decide to sell or rent your property. For that, deciding the best look isn’t the only consideration. You should also consider
durability, budgetary limitations, types of drainage and the practicality of your driveway’s surface. If you only focus on the look, your driveway will start looking like a dirt track as your car drives over it with marks and gunk permanently ruining it.

Old house with driveway leading up to front door porch in Belfast

Know your Options

There are a lot of materials that can be used to re-amp that shabby looking driveway, and to make an informed decision, we are here 24/7. Call us up at any time to discuss the pros/cons, and costs of each of these six main materials used for driveways in Belfast:

● Block Paving
● Paving Slabs
● Resin Bound /Bonded
● Concrete
● Tarmac/Asphalt
● Loose Gravel/Crushed Stone