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Decking Service in Belfast

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Ship Decks? No, But Even Better!

Not only does decking create that wondrous, relaxing outdoor living space within your garden, you can also request garden landscapers in Belfast to tie it in with the specific aesthetic you are going for. Using warm, woody tones, dark colours or muted tones can all blend in beautifully with the visuals of your house and create a space that is an extension of the comfort you have inside.

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Flummoxed? We Are Here To Help!

When undertaking anything relating to decking, it’s best to consult and discuss at length precisely
what you want with garden landscapers in Belfast.

Firstly and most importantly, your budget, followed by space and distance constraints, the
material you have in mind for the decking, and also the precise layout. Having a visual idea of
what you want is the key to success here, so call us now to discuss your vision and watch us
execute it!

Small Garden? Not to Worry!

Most people are under the impression that their small garden cannot accommodate beautiful decking space, and nothing could be further from the truth!

Decking in Belfast can be practical and useful anywhere in the garden as long as there are adequate ridges and slopes available. Our team is well-trained in improving the visual appeal of garden decking. We don’t work with plain, drab and uninspiring rectangles of wood. Instead, we bring uniqueness in our designs through curved edges, different patterns and boards that fit in either vertically or horizontally to achieve symmetry. Believe us, the extra time spent on designing pays off in the form of a truly transformed outdoor space for years to come.

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Options, Options and Options!

Our services allow for an expansive and accommodating undertaking of your project. You have the option of choosing between different types of decking like wooden or composite according to the theme you are going for. With the wide range of materials also comes a wide range of prices, so if you don’t want to break the bank by fixing your garden, you can call us to discuss costs and options beforehand! There is even a wealth of options available for the wooden and composite forms of decking! Softwood, hardwood, and a range of colours and products for composite decking material to choose from!

Drab Garden? We Bring the Magic

Decking in Belfast is a sure-fire way to create a comfortable and appealing place to sit and relax, or even entertain at parties and gatherings. Tired of that old grey patio with the shoe prints? We are here to revamp it into something truly amazing. If you are someone who routinely likes to make small changes to their landscapes, the flexibility of decking structures allows you to re-do them when you want to.

Tailor-made and Special!

Our landscape gardeners in Belfast add that little special & you; factor to your garden by keeping all fixtures and elements you want. We are also experts in installing cool and practical elements like feature steps, lighting switches and boards, planters, storage boxes and seating benches.
Tailor-made features not only make your garden look beautiful but also allow for increased practicality. Built-in seating and symmetrically-placed planters can efficiently maximise available space in small gardens. Our use of futuristic installation techniques guarantees their visual appeal and longevity! The phrase ‘all hands on deck’ has never been more specific!

Wood That It Was Green and It Is!

While wood is a primary, durable and aesthetically-pleasing installation in most garden decking projects, it has to be sustainable. In making your garden more green, we are also committed to keeping the Earth green. For that reason, the wording decking, whether it be softwood or
hardwood, that our landscape gardeners in Belfast install, is absolutely sustainable. We purchase all our materials, especially timber, from eco-friendly and well-managed forests.