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Landscaping Service In Belfast

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Landscaping In Belfast

Garden landscaping in Belfast can look like multiple things a simple mow-and-go job, some repairs, some weeding. Or it can be a full transformation for your home garden complete with mountains, layouts and even golf holes! Choosing a garden design in Belfast can be a daunting task, and that’s why we are here to help. Getting to know the nuances of what garden landscaping in Belfast looks like can help you greatly before you go on to make that monetary commitment.

Gardens Straight Out of Fairy Tale

Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of good landscaping. It is for this reason that providing top-quality garden landscaping in Belfast is our utmost priority. If your garden looks shabby and miserable, you need not worry at all. With our expertise, some nice seasonal plants and firm hardscaping, your garden can look like a fairyland. You might be wondering, why fork out the extra dollars for a better garden? Well, here is precisely why.

Green and Rejuvenating

Ever felt that pull emanating from a sublime garden? Want that garden to motivate you every morning to go outside and smell the flowers? Time spent in a garden is not only therapeutic, it encourages family time. You can frolic amongst the plants, play catch with the dog or enjoy a delicious barbecue in the evening. Just sitting on a garden bench with a cup of tea to smell the flowers can be extremely relaxing. If that same garden is an awful mess of leaves and weed and rakes, it can instead cause more stress.

Family Time for the Win!

In these stressful and difficult times, never will you find a family as happy as spending free time together in the garden! With garden landscaping in Belfast, you can get a unique and visually-appealing landscape that allows you to spend time roasting marshmallows, camping in your garden, maybe even growing your own seasonal vegetables. Landscapers can lay down some fresh sod for the kids to have their very own football yard. No matter how you want your garden scene to improve, garden design in Belfast can help you achieve that look and the family bond all in one.

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Tea Parties and Barbecues? The Garden Is Here!

Want to hold a small evening tea party, but are apprehensive that restaurants aren’t safe due to the pandemic? Why not then create your own outdoor space where you can nibble sandwiches and sip coffee? Garden landscaping in Belfast allows you to create the most functional and
pleasant landscapes with the right colour choice and type of furniture, hardscaping material, and even your own kitchenette! Want that suave life that you see in magazines? Put your feet up on the outside sofa as you smile over the guests at a tea party!

Beautiful landscape
Green for Mother Earth

Keeping a well-maintained garden can help balance out the surrounding environment and improve your outdoor living area at the same time. This is what makes garden landscaping in Belfast such an important and sustainable endeavour. Just like our planet sustains us, our garden design too ensures that you can contribute to its preservation by growing and consuming your own food. Another way proper landscaping helps is that retaining walls prevent erosion of soil, and therefore, less of it ends up clogging waterways. Garden landscaping in Belfast helps maintain a proper drainage system, too, reducing stormwater from flooding the streets. Not only will your garden be straight out of a Disney movie with local birds and wildlife seeking shelter there, but you can instil the ethos of sustainability to your kids from a very young age!

Pay the Bucks to Gain the Benefit

A lot of people don’t know that landscaping your yard can be an incredible investment. When selling or renting the place, it can make the price go up exponentially. Besides the obvious short-term perks like a beautiful garden you get to have, the long-term aesthetic appeal allows for monetary benefits as well.

Most importantly, the installation of permanent structures like patios, cement benches and kitchen areas helps obtain a lasting monetary benefit. Should you decide to sell your house, these permanent installations will have your property sell for a significantly higher price. Garden

design in Belfast does require you to spend a pretty penny, but that money guarantees promising returns many years down the lane.

Beautiful landscape garden
Landscapers for All your Gardening Woes: Why Choose Us?
1. Trinkets And Corners, All Covered

Garden landscaping can be as simplistic or as complicated as an individual client’s needs and requirements. We make sure that our services cater to every detail provided to us by you in depth, and with all finishing touches that reflect our infallible work ethic. Diversification is a key part of what we do; we have expert landscape designers who have extensive experience and professional insight. Not only do we provide garden landscaping in Belfast to residential gardens, but we also have the important skill set to tackle commercial landscapes and hardscapes. From the minute you call us to discuss your situation, to our purchase of materials and solidification of our plans, we are dedicated to the best possible outcome for you. Not only do we finish the job according to your deadlines but we also check the forecast and work around rain where possible.

2. Time-efficiency

Nobody wants their garden landscaping to take weeks on end, or cement on the patio still wet before an outdoor event. Nobody wants to hear the sound of landscapers & tools while they are working, nor do they want their guests to arrive in a mess of wet cement. We make practical plans and schedules to divide our work into smaller, easily-manageable tasks. This also helps us maintain time efficiency through daily and weekly goals that we set for ourselves. It also helps us achieve the finished garden look by the agreed deadline.

3. Year-round Services

Who says you can’t get landscaping done during the winter? Pruning dead leaves, weeding and de-snowing trees are only some of the tasks we undertake even when the season is chilly! We work through all seasons to make your garden look as chirpy and fresh as it does during the spring.

4. Environmentally-friendly

With more people moving towards well-maintained and sustainable gardens, we stress even more on the importance of sustainability in our gardening and landscaping processes. This eco-friendly ethos is applied to all our business undertakings as well. We take our responsibility to be
environmentally-sustainable seriously and minimise our footprint. Water is used efficiently and stored properly. We use plants native to Belfast to bring in insects and wildlife to your garden and use only eco-friendly pebbles, silt, concrete and soils that are beneficial in your plot.


Yes, it can, and it should. There are many jobs landscapers can do in the winter, 3 examples of
which are:

  •  Pruning: The late, dormant winter season is ideal for pruning. This gives plants a lot of
    time to heal completely before the new growth begins in the winter.
  • Protection against snow and ice: Your garden shouldn’t be falling to pieces with the
    weight of snow and ice, instead, you should call landscapers to tie branches and remove
    snow from loaded branches gently as can be. Removing limbs that have already
    splintered to stop them from diseasing and spreading it through the tree are some tasks
    undertaken by landscapers.
  • Preventing water loss: Applying evergreens as anti-transpirants to prevent water loss can
    be done in winter. Landscapers also use burlap wrapping to provide a protective layer to
    evergreens from winter winds.

Landscaping is definitely a worthwhile investment that increases home value exponentially, with
75% of real estate agents stating that the value of your landscaped home going up to 10% in
comparison to those with no landscaping. The better the landscaping, the higher the value. The
design sophistication of your landscaping, too, can affect value, especially shade trees, good
decking, and a visually-appealing driveway.

Belfast, UK lies in Zone 9a, temperatures -6.7°C to -3.9°C.

Landscaping is a form of architectural gardening that seeks to improve the visual appeal of
garden space. It can also be called the art of growing plants for a final goal of creating a beautiful
space, using both science and art via observation and skill that landscapers have. The nature and construction of the structures, their placement and the material used to build them, all affect
landscapers’ decisions while beautifying gardens.